Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Tonight, we had a family meeting at Gumball's school. I wonder how many years it will take before I can introduce myself as Gumball's mom, without shrinking inside over the empty space where I should be introducing her dad. It hurts.

I'm feeling pessimistic.




Men are endlessly disappointing, even when my expectations are lowered. 


  1. Hope you feel less pessimistic today. And more proud that she's got an amazing mom.. who shows up and probably cares more than some two parent homes. People are way less judging of us than we realize. We are our own harshest judge. Be kind to yourself today and pat yourself on the back for all the things you have going for you! XoX

  2. You're a wonderful mom!! One, two, or four parents... this is not 1950. I think there is a lot more understanding and knowledge that the love and care you provide not only supersedes the number of parents, but coming from a loving family, whatever that may be - same sex, one parent and a relative, single parent, whatever - is what really matters. And of that, I am sure Gumball is one of the lucky ones among her peers!